PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC pipe extrusion line is mainly used in water supply pipe lines, sewage pipe lines & rainwater drainage pipe lines & Air conditioning condensate water systems & Electrical conduit pipe lines etc. The PVC extruding machine include single pipe extrusion machine, dual pipe extrusion machine, four pipe extrusion machine. Midtech is a professional manufacturer of PVC pipe extrusion line.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Double Europen water filter
Water level control
Air water seprator

Vacuum Calibration Tank

Double Europen water filter
Water level control
Air water seprator

Haul Off

Schneider electric parts
High friction rubber
Hard gear reducer


Siemens PLC control
No scrap cutting
Aluminum clamping device

Technical Parameter

Diameter Range (mm)Extruder ModelMain Motor Power (kw) Max Capacity (kg/h) Max. Haul Off Speed (m/min)
16-32 FourSJSZ 65/1323725010
20-63 DualSJSZ 65/1323725015
20-63SJSZ 51/10518.512015
50-160SJSZ 65/132 372508
75-160 DualSJSZ 80/1561104506
63-200SJSZ 65/132372503.5
110-315SJSZ 80/156554503
315-630SJSZ 92/1881108002

Why Choose Us

Lower Power Consumption

Save electrical power 30%

High Efficiency

Production lineal speed is increased over 2 times

Intelligent System

Automatical and intelligent alarm, wake up and heating function, Ramote diagnosis

Stable Operation

Reduce unqualified products and save the raw material

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