PC Led Light Cover Making Machine

1. The machine is used to produce various PC tube, PC profile, transparent LED lampshade, single color or double color led lampshade etc. Also it can work with PMMA material. 2. Applied materials: PC 3. Features and advantages: (1) Newly developed online precise cutting technology, one-time cutting online, no need the second time cutting, cutting precision within 0.5mm, cut end neat, chip-less, higher efficiency; (2) Special screw for PC material, perfect plasticizing, to ensure the finished products without crystallized dot, without pulling mark, without vibration mark, with high light transmittance, and high transparency. Screw made of imported special alloy steel, material never attach on the screw, no black dot during production.


Calibration Tank

Technical Parameter

ModelScrew Diameter (mm)Main Motor (kw)Output Capacity (Kg/h)
MT 4545/251120-30
MT 5050/251530-40

Why Choose Us

Lower Power Consumption

Save electrical power 30%

High Efficiency

Production lineal speed is increased over 2 times

Intelligent System

Automatical and intelligent alarm, wake up and heating function, Ramote diagnosis

Stable Operation

Reduce unqualified products and save the raw material

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