PVC Hot Face Cutting Pelletizing Line

Specially high torque gearbox designned, to achieve the smooth operation of the noise and other performance.

Single Screw Extruder

Technical Parameter

ModelMain powerCapacityPellets diameterTotal length
SJSZ 4522 KW120 KG/H3 mm12 m
SJSZ 6537 KW280 KG/H3 mm15 m
SJSZ 8055 KW350 KG/H3 mm15 m

Why Choose Us

Lower Power Consumption

Save electrical power 30%

High Efficiency

Production lineal speed is increased over 2 times

Intelligent System

Automatical and intelligent alarm, wake up and heating function, Ramote diagnosis

Stable Operation

Reduce unqualified products and save the raw material

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