PVC Ceiling Wall Panel Profile Extrusion Machine

  1. The equipment adapts for various formulations, the ratio of calcium can be increased up to 200-250%,while the required additives can be reduced by 30%.
  2. The ceiling has an exquisite appearance and uniform plasticzation.
  3. Laser tracking eliminates problems regarding the extrusion flow rate,which helps achieve automation of the entire extrusion process.
  4. The PVC ceiling extrusion machine has auto-alarm fuctions in case of emergency, through the use of PID controller.
  5. Special design mould,max speed can reach 12m/min for 250mm ceiling.

Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Online Lamination Machine

Vacuum Calibration Table

Haul Off


Technical Parameter

ModelMax WidthExtruder ModelMotor PowerMax Capacity
YF 180180mmSJSZ 51/10522 KW120 kg/h
YF 240300mmSJSZ 65/13237 KW260 kg/h
YF 600600mmSJSZ 80/15655 KW400 kg/h
YF 800800mmSJSZ 92/18890 KW650 kg/h

Why Choose Us

Lower Power Consumption

Save electrical power 30%

High Efficiency

Production lineal speed is increased over 2 times

Intelligent System

Automatical and intelligent alarm, wake up and heating function, Ramote diagnosis

Stable Operation

Reduce unqualified products and save the raw material

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