Plastic PVC High Speed Mixing Machine
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Plastic PVC High Speed Mixing Machine

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High-Speed Mixer is used in the material mixing, stirring, coloring and other process for plastic, rubber, daily chemical and other industries. It is the perferable equipment to produce plastic board, pipes, profiles and degradable plastics.

Plastic PVC Powder High Speed Mixer

1. Mixed materials are made by negative pressure mixed principle

2. The electrical instruments are all well-known imported appliances with PLC programmable control

3. High degree of automation and speed mixing

4. The blade was made by stainless steel pressure and passed the static and dynamic balance test

5. Especially the coolant blade ued abroad advaned spiral mixing structure, the whole container has no dead angle, cooling speed and discharging clean.

Technical Parameter

Total volume (L)100/200200/500300/600500/1250800/1600
Effective capacity (L)65/130150/320225/380330/750600/1050
Stirring speed (RPM)650/1300/200475/950/130475/950/100430/860/70370/740/50
Mixing time (Min.)8-128-128-128-128-12
Motor power (KW)14/22/7.530/42/1140/55/1155/75/1583/110/22
Overall dimension(mm)1950*1600*18004580*2240*24704800*2640*24805600*3000*31005170*3200*4480

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